Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floors add beauty and elegance to a home, but taking care of them can be a hassle. In the past, if you ever wanted to properly refinish a floor, you were looking at a time-consuming, expensive, and unpleasant sand and refinish process.

Not anymore. P & J Interiors is here to set you free from the sawdust with its groundbreaking wood floor cleaning process. P & J Interiors is able to restore wood floors to peak condition and give them back their lustrous, beautiful shine.

How does P & J Interiors do it? By leveraging the wood floor cleaning power of specially designed products to aggressively yet safely loosen the deposits of dirt and oil on the floor. Our powerful wood floor cleaning machine then breaks up and extracts that dirt, leaving the floor – whether it’s solid hardwood, engineered, laminate, or vinyl – wonderfully clean.

After that, P & J Interiors can refinish your floor with a gloss finish that enhances its natural beauty and leaves your home even lovelier than before.

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