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Total Odor Control

Total Odor Control

A property can look absolutely amazing, but if it smells bad, getting and keeping tenants can be a massive challenge – the nose overwhelms the eyes, after all.


Thankfully, you don’t have to go through costly and time-consuming renovations to get rid of overpowering smells. All you need to do is call P & J Interior and ask about our total Odor Control Program!


Whether it’s pet urine, cigarette smoke, or spice odors, we can erase the offending odors and leave your properties smelling fresh.


Pet Urine
Have a tenant’s pets left the carpet smelling like a kennel? Not to worry – P & J Interior’s powerful but safe Odor Destroyer is designed to break apart urine residue and remove odor-causing materials from the carpet. Our powerful system can even reach into a carpet’s padding to treat the worst urine problems.


Cigarette and Spice Odors
Overpowering cigarette smoke and spice odors can be a nightmare to deal with – you either have to put a lot of time and money into fixing the problem or limit your pool of potential tenants. P & J Interior can erase those odors!


Anti-Microbial Treatments
In our safety and health conscious world, it’s deeply important to provide your clients with the protection they deserve. That’s why P & J Interior offers a special, EPA-registered anti-microbial treatment for both hard surfaces and textiles.


This amazing treatment creates a microscopic barrier that inhibits the growth of a wide-range of harmful bacteria, algae, and fungi. What’s more, it provides long-lasting support that will continue to fight the growth of these microbes.


Not only will this help keep your client’s safe and your property healthy, it also fights the stains and odors that develop because of bacteria, algae, and fungi. Your customers can breathe free once P & J Interior comes round!


Don’t pass on this amazing treatment that makes properties healthier and can help save your business money by creating a more attractive environment for your customers and renters.