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Energy Efficient
P & J Interiors uses highly efficient cleaning equipment to lower the energy requirements needed for each green carpet cleaning service, saving energy and preventing unnecessary waste. But that’s not enough for us. To truly count ourselves among the energy efficient companies out there, we follow three important practices to provide energy efficient carpet cleaning.


No Truck Mounted Machines
Truck mounted carpet cleaning systems require their vehicles to continue running throughout the duration of the job. This is done to provide power to the machines being used to clean your home. The vehicles are often running for multiple hours for a single job, releasing large amounts of carbon monoxide and harmful pollutants into the air. To combat energy waste, P & J Interiors Carpet Cleaning uses a portable, energy efficient cleaning machine that is not truck mounted. Our energy-saving carpet cleaning means no running vehicles, which means no pollution.


No Doors Left Open
Truck mounted cleaning systems also require you to leave your doors open throughout the entire carpet cleaning process so that their multiple tubes and hoses can run into your home from the vehicle. This allows the warm air in your home to escape in cooler months and the cool air to escape in warmer months, requiring you to use more energy to re-cool or re-heat your home. However, we are an energy efficient company! Our portable, energy efficient carpet cleaning machines allow you to keep your doors closed throughout the entire process.


No Wasted Energy
Steam cleaning systems that saturate your carpet with multiple gallons of water require the use of machines designed to extract the wastewater. More energy is needed to power the extraction machines, which, despite all the energy they use, still leave your carpets wet – often requiring 24-48 hours to dry. Because our carpet cleaning franchises use a low moisture system with green carpet cleaning products, so your carpets will dry on their own in approximately one hour. It’s just another advantage of using P & J INteriors’s energy efficient carpet cleaning.

No other energy efficient system does it like P & J Interiors!