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Carpet Cleaning Services

What’s P & J Interiors all about? How can it help you? What makes our carpet cleaning services different? Those are all questions you’ll be asking if you haven’t heard about P & J Interiors before now. You might also be wondering, “Do we just provide steam or dry carpet cleaning services like other carpet cleaning companies?” Well, that’s easy to answer. No. We’re very different. How?

P & J Interiors uses the power of oxygen to provide natural carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning products are used to create a powerful oxygenated carpet cleaning system that leaves no sticky residue and is safe for children and pets. What’s more, P & J Interiors employs pile-lifting technology that scrubs dirt and stains up and out of the carpet.

This adds up to an efficient, professional carpet cleaning provided by courteous technicians who are more than happy to offer you whatever carpet cleaning tips they can as they get rid of your stains with relative ease. And since P & J Interiors uses a low moisture system, we only need one hour to dry. That means no more long dry times and wet carpet pads.

P & J Interiors isn’t just a carpet cleaner – we also offer upholstery, wood floor, and tile and grout cleaning! Whether you need sofa salvation, a sandless wood floor cleaning, or a tile and grout rescue, P & J Interiors is here for you.

To learn about our professional carpet cleaning services or any of P & J Interiors additional offerings, use the menu on the left. You can also get some carpet cleaning tips, learn how to book an appointment, and you can find coupons for your local Carpet Cleaners in Texas!